Small portfolio

Only doll photos. (Sorry, there is a little Japanese text at the end.)

Jean: Stormy day

Elica: Longing for pagan beauty

Yu-ko: the rewind

Yu-ko: Her serenity

Alice38: The light of hope she sees

Alice38: grumpy

Elica: Amber light

Jean: Sunny room without anyone

Akiko: her image (20170427)

(2017_04_27 の旧ブログ記事の画像を再掲)

Extra edition: 静かな鋼の街_西本百合原画展より

三柳早帆: 後朝

Alice38: Small piece of chocolate

Jean: to reconsider yourself

三柳早帆: 刃物疵と赤い房

Yu-ko: change (20160830)

(2016_8_30 の旧ブログ記事の画像を再掲)

Psyche: enticement of the globe joint ( 20170217 )

(2017_2_17 の旧ブログ記事の画像を再掲)

Elica: Another angle

Yu-ko: with her box(20160630)

(2016_6_30 の旧ブログ記事の画像を再掲)

Jean: blue

Jean: Rolling Apple

Elica: It ’s not hers