Small portfolio

Only doll photos. (Sorry, there is a little Japanese text at the end.)

Frieda: The blue sky in her eyes

Jean: The light of May


Alice38: The storm of colors

Yu-ko: The secret room in my dream

Yu-ko: An idea and test shots

Elica: A little more gorgeous

Alice38: Another past

Jean: In her box

Psyche: The beauty in a strange and unexplainable sort of way

Frieda: Deafening Cry of Silence

Elica: Imaginary August Light

Jean: Unnecessary

Alice38: Red (for frustration and anger)

Akiko: To her too, an imitation rose flower

三柳早帆: 赤金の闇

Yu-ko: With one artificial rose flower

三柳早帆: 睦月下旬の光

Elica: New light

Daisy: uneasiness at sunset

三柳早帆: かはたれの虹

三柳早帆: 白梅

Extra edition:「採集物 月島3」とミモザ

Alice38: A secret and comfortable place

Psyche: Lie down by the sunny window

三柳早帆: 金色の闇

Extra edition: Charm

Alice38: Catching the light

Elica: Sakura shell

Frieda: Magical moment